Our process and approach to get you to where you want to be—

MJD Design Branding and Web Design Hackney

The journey starts here

Every journey begins with a single step and the first is to evaluate your current market or industry position and work out what needs to be done to go from where you’re at, to where you want to be.

Then we begin creating a plan and a vision that makes that transformation happen.


The who/why/what/where?

Being genuinely curious and interested is in our nature. We ask questions to find out your vision, your goals, your story, your position and what’s uniquely you.

Where possible we also aim to experience your product or business first hand to better understand where you’re coming from and what you're offering.

Along the way gaining insights and challenging assumptions to come up with the best solutions. All the while solidifying the vision into a reality.


Creative realisation

Where all the research and thinking is finally manifested as glorious visuals.

Encapsulating colours, logos, typography, imagery, illustrations, artwork and the overall look and feel.

We also help define how you present your messaging through tone of voice and refined copywriting.

Once the project is crafted and the ink is dry, it’s all delivered as a cohesive package of assets, files and links ready to be unleashed into the world.


The Kaizen bit

Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning continual improvement and a philosophy we apply to every project.

We always try to work out how we can improve what we’ve created. For you, for your audience and for the bigger picture.

So after launch we review and recommend improvements and provide ongoing support and regular feedback.

And so begins a new stage of growth. One where we believe good working practices can turn into great ongoing relationships.

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